Thanks to those who helped create this exhibit-

Exhibit Team
Matthew Mittelstaedt, Site Manager, Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site
Lori Henderson, Board President, Lincoln-Sargent Farm Foundation
Maggie McAdams, Alderson Intern, Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site
Maren McKee, Graduate Assistant, Lincoln-Sargent Farm Foundation

Thanks to our historic and cultural institutions-
Illinois State Archives
            David Joens, Director
            John Reinhardt, Supervisor Accession and Reference
National Archives and Records Administration
            Joseph Schwarz, Archivist
            Rick Peuser, Archivist, Assistant Reference Chief
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
            Cheryl Schnirring, Curator of Manuscripts
            Roberta Fairburn, Library Technician
            Linda Suits, Supervisory Curator
Eastern Illinois University Archives, Booth Library
            Bob Hillman, Archivist

Thanks to those who shared their collections
            David Kent Coy
            Dean Ferris
            Paula Leming
            Paul Moore
            Christine Sawyer

Thanks to those who shared their stories
            Max Allison
            Eloise Buffenmeyer
            Marion Comer
            Mary Coutant

Thanks to those CCC veterans
            Chick Debault
            Holly Easter
            Dean Ferris
            Don Sanders

This website was created by Daniel Lund as a project in Eastern Illinois University's Historical Administration Program.

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