The CCC in Coles County

Between 1935 and 1941, Coles County had a Civilian Conservation Corps presence that has left an enduring mark on the local landscape till this very day. Stationed at what is now the Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site, a CCC company helped reconstruct the cabin that is present at the site today. To recognize this achievement, as well as shed light on Coles County history, the site held an exhibition from August 26, 2011 (the 75th anniversary of the Lincoln Log Cabin dedication) through September 2012, commemorating the CCC presence in Coles County. The content of that exhibit is expressed through this website.

Nationwide the Civilian Conservation Corps planted nearly 3 billion trees, built over 800 state parks, paved countless miles of roadways, conserved acres of farmland, and developed the modern principles of environmental conservation. In Coles County the work of the CCC enrollees left a legacy of natural, cultural, and historic resources. In the 75 years since the development of Fox Ridge, the Moore Home, and the Lincoln Log Cabin, these places have served to define the community, just as community members in the 1930s had hoped.

What began with the vision and commitment of the local community can endure with a renewed commitment from the community to sustain these places. The successful collaboration between the local community, the state of Illinois, and the federal programs of the Civilian Conservation Corps and the National Park Service during the Great Depression can serve to inspire today’s generation to protect, preserve, and conserve the legacy for the next generation.



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